The Happily STYLED


Thank you so much, Susan.  The increased level of confidence I feel in my dressing since our session has been surprising to me.  It’s not that I felt that I dressed badly before – but now I feel that I dress with purpose.  It has been very empowering.

Alison - Attorney


I wanted to tell you how much fun I had on Sunday, and how grateful I am for your time. I used to let my shape determine my style, focusing every outfit on simply covering my problem areas.  You changed that completely!  You taught me how to minimize my problem areas while being true to my desire to dress in a chic and timeless way.  You have vastly improved my style just by creating several outfit with clothes I ALREADY OWNED. ......Providing me a list of what to buy has reduced my shopping anxiety dramatically.  You are kind, professional, and made the process fun and easy.  I can't wait to do it again!

Kelly - Videographer


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for all of the fun, education, honest advice, and outfits!!  I can't believe my closet contained some of the looks you put together.  And I was amazed at how stylish, thin, and comfortable I felt...with my existing clothes!  You not only helped me define my ideal style, but absolutely made it work for my life - taking into account all the variables.  I had an important meeting yesterday and felt like a million bucks!.....You're simply amazing!

Annika - Attorney


I wanted you to know that yesterday was the best shopping EVER!!  I told my husband that your fee was the best thing I ever paid.  I dislike shopping because nothing ever fits right and I don't know what to buy.  You saved me so much time by pre-picking the outfits and telling me what looked good (honestly!)  I appreciate your help!

Kathy - Partner, Accounting


Yesterday (shopping) was fun, but exhausting.  Thanks....I already can't wait to do it again!

Rima - Attorney


(At a networking meeting) I heard Susan speak for about 2 minutes...I recently started a Women's Initiative at the bank and we decided to do a networking event with all the women here.  I remembered meeting Susan and thought I would call her......We ended up having Susan as our speaker and she was AMAZING!!!!  The women at the bank absolutely loved her.  We had 60+ women that really didn't know each other laughing and having a good time together....  (For additional comments)

Randi - VP, Banking


I really enjoyed the time on Friday.  I learned a lot!  I have a great new lens to use as I build a new wardrobe that better reflects who I am and where I am going.  Much appreciated!

Angela - Corporate Leadership Development


I am fully recovered and very pleased with our purchases.....I had a great time and loved working with you!  The outfit yesterday got TONS of compliments!

Erin - Attorney


What a wonderful, motivating experience!  My discard pile is huge and growing!  There is finally extra room in my closet and on my shelves.  Liberating to say the least!  Thank you so much for your expertise, ideas, and honesty.  I really learned a lot...

Lori - Business Consultant


Susan, I really enjoyed yesterday and the big pile of clothes that are going away.  You reinvigorated my love of fashion and gave me a truly needed boost.  I can't wait to shop!

Mary - Managing Director


Susan created confidence in my wardrobe!  As a corporate professional, suburban mom, non-profit advocate, and “fun” wife/sister/daughter/friend, I needed help to create a wardrobe that mirrored the different aspects of me but maintained the same “Classic Chic” image.  Susan came to the rescue!  She helped me analyze my body type and focus on clothes that look best on my figure.  Next, she helped me to define my style and pinpoint the image that I am trying to portray, whether in the boardroom or on the soccer field (my clients are everywhere).   Then, she implemented this look by HONESTLY helping me sort through my closet to identify the items that matched the image.  It was Susan that helped me understand how important this image issue is to every woman!  Since I’ve met with her, I love to go shopping.  I know exactly what I’m looking for, thanks to her 13-page write-up, and save MONEY by not buying things that simply sit in my closet.  The BEST part of the whole process has been the feedback from friends and acquaintances. People that don’t even know me well have commented that I’m “looking really good recently.”  I owe this extra burst of confidence to Susan…….

Wendy - Financial Advisor


Just from the Wardrobe Analysis, Susan expanded my outfit options before we even hit the stores!  Her shopping guidance helped me select pieces that added much value to my existing clothing closet.  I'm enjoying my new style and wardrobe immensely, plus the new confidence that comes with it!

Julie - VP of Human Resources


Recently, I lost weight and developed an interest in creating a new wardrobe that was more stylish and sophisticated.  I quickly realized that style does not come naturally to me, so luckily I had the good fortune of meeting Susan!  Susan helped me realize my body type and how to use clothes to maximize my good features as well as minimize flaws, and the results have been amazing!  Susan and I completed both the wardrobe analysis and then we went shopping together.  She has taught me basic principles about clothing and style, and it has made a huge difference in my self-confidence.   I literally see clothes (and clothing stores) in a new light and feel much more confident and able to not only wear new styles but I have a new ability to accessorize with belts, scarves, etc.  I highly recommend working with Susan!

Jessica - Psychiatrist


Susan has rocked my world and turned my fashion sense in the right direction!  I have worn a uniform almost my entire life. I never really needed to dress fashionably until starting my career as a hairstylist.  Wardrobe means a lot in this industry.  Now I feel comfortable with my body shape, shopping,and going to networking events!  I have this new love for how I fell about myself whereas before my sessions with Susan, I felt self-conscience and had a low self-image.  My confidence is higher then ever all because of Susan.  THANK YOU!  When you look good, you feel good, and everyone notices! 


Terra - Hairstylist



Susan has introduced me to a whole other side of myself….the side who accessorizes!  I am a 30-year-old hairstylist and recent business owner who loves clothes but hates to shop.  Now that I have a business to run, my time dedicated to shopping has become even less.  Susan literally took me shopping in my own closet!  She was able to show me how to wear countless belts that I thought I might just get rid of.  She pulled out necklaces and jewelry pieces I thought I’d never be able to wear and showed me how to use them to draw interest toward the features I’d like to highlight.  Not only do I have a new-found love for the clothing I already own, but she also let me know exactly what I need to buy in order to complete my collection.  Thank you so much, Susan, for all of your insight!  I finally feel like I’m put together and it feels great when people notice.


Jamie - Hairstylist/ Business Owner


Susan helped me to understand that I could be stylish in my own way.  I am a size 12 and I always thought I had to lose weight in order to wear "fancy" clothes. By working with Susan I was able to learn how I could create illusions with clothing in very simple ways, often using items I already had in my closet!  I just needed to be shown how to put them together.  If I didn't have certain items, Susan showed me how I could buy them without emptying out my purse.  I haven't lost weight yet but people always think I have.  I tell them it is because of Susan.

Jane - Pharmacist