The STYLE Story


Life Happens...

You've been wearing clothes since you can remember--haven't shown up naked yet!  There were the "looking good" moments, the "really, it was the fashion" seasons, and the "what was I thinking" bloopers.  Just when you thought you had your look going in the right direction (or a direction), life happened got the perfect job, were promoted, switched careers; you got married, had kids, got divorced; you gained weight, lost weight, same weight- but it moved

You've changed!  You wish your current wardrobe truly reflected the unique person you are today.  However, due to lack of time, interest, or know how, you just feel a bit stuck!  The STYLE Principle is here to help!

Your STYLE is Specific To Your Life & Essence.  

Our mission, a wardrobe that is:

  • Reflective of your personal style - the you on the inside, on the outside
  • Appropriate for your lifestyle - morning to evening; work to play
  • Complimentary to your body shape - accents the assets, hides the not-such-an asset
  • Easy to use - efficient and effective
  • Respectful to your budget - quality versus quantity
  • Enjoyable to experience every day!

Yes, every piece!


Ready to get started....