Ask Susan

A friend to guide you

Sometimes all you need is to be pointed in the right direction! Ask Susan is your time to ask a fashion industry professional specifically about your wardrobing needs:

  • What is appropriate business casual for me?
  • The invitation says__________ -- what do I wear?
  • How can I use what I already have in a new way?
  • What is the most flattering way to dress my body shape? Where to shop?
  • I have an interview help!

Getting on the right path from the beginning will help save you time and money on the road to style success!

How It Works:

When making your appointment, you will be asked your question(s) and information about your lifestyle, body shape and personal style. The appointment will take place via Skype or phone. Meeting in person is also an option. Depending on your situation, support materials may be emailed before or after your appointment.

30 min