The Closet Cleanse

Finding "you" in your closet


The goal of this session is a closet that energizes you every morning - and is organized and functional too!  So often you continue to add to your wardrobe, but rarely remove at the same rate.  Your closet gets so full it is easier to just close the door and wear the same few items over and over.  When you do venture in, you realize quantity does not always equal quality in representing the real you.  This cleansing will enable you to identify what is working for you in your wardrobe, what pieces are "clogging the system", and what items would be a good investment to add.  Also, you will be amazed how freeing it will feel! 

Based on the findings from your STYLE Profile, we will evaluate each piece of your wardrobe:

  • Does it fit and flatter your body?
  • Does it represent your personal style and work with your lifestyle?
  • Does it make you feel fabulous?

How It Works:

After a quick review of your wardrobe needs, you will systematically try on everything in your wardrobe.  We will evaluate each piece and edit accordingly.  The pieces that truly reflect and flatter you will be reorganized for easy use.  You will be taught how to "work" your new closet to maximize your outfit options.  Based on your needs and budget, we will formulate an action plan for your next step.


Approx 4 hrs


$595     (Additional hrs - $95/hr)


*Note: The Wardrobe Analysis is required prior to The Closet Cleanse