The Shopping Guide

Finding "you" in the retail world


This session is about making the shopping experience efficient, productive and fun for you!  So often shopping can be overwhelming—where to start, nothing fits, it "doesn't look like me"—or you have the desire, just not the time or energy, to conquer the "retail jungle."  What you need is the perfect shopping guide—an industry professional who knows where you are likely to find items that reflect your style, flatter your figure, and respect your budget—that's me!

How It Works:

Based on your needs, I will suggest the stores where you are most likely to have shopping success.  Guided by your wardrobe needs, together we will develop our "plan of attack."  On shopping day, we will meet at a selected store.  I will function as your personal fashion assistant—helping select items, assisting in the dressing room, educating on coordinating and accessorizing of outfits, and keeping the session "on task" to accomplish your goals.

$95/hr Shopping

$150 Pre-Shopping Fee