The Wardrobe Analysis

Identifying your style


This session is all about you!  It is the perfect place to start if you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, are going through a lifestyle change (changing careers, new baby, retirement), wish to refine your look and image, or just want to look and feel fabulous every time you walk out the door!  

We will work together to identify:

  • Who you are—lifestyle, personal style, body style, shopping style

  • What your ideal wardrobe should look like

  • Where your current wardrobe stands in representing all facets of you

  • How to evolve your current wardrobe into your ideal wardrobe

How It Works:

Prior to our meeting you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle, personal style, and shopping habits.  Our session will begin with a brief discussion of your ideal wardrobe, and then we’re off to your closet to find it!  The goal will be to maximize what you currently have and identify what you need.  You will be asked to try on different outfits based on your lifestyle.  Together we will create more outfits that reflect the ideal “you.”  Pictures of the newly created outfits will be taken to make a photo book for your reference.  Considering your present and long-term goals, your existing wardrobe will be evaluated for strengths and opportunities.  Along with the photo book, after the session you will receive a recap of the style tips discussed, a list of your wardrobe “haves/needs,” and a short and long-term plan to creating your ideal wardrobe.  Let the fun begin!


Approx 3 hrs